We got requests from many Wp Pro Quiz users regarding an addon to upload questions from MS Excel files. We have already developed the MS Word Addon for the Wp Pro Quiz and our clients are loving it because it is saving their hours daily as well as reducing the cost of managing the quiz site.

Wp Pro Quiz is the simplest and feature-rich plugin available on WordPress. As you know original author stopped the development and the plugin is abandoned for many years as well as WordPress removed it from their plugin repository due to CSRF security issues. Wp Pro Quiz is still used by thousands of websites without any problem.

We have added many new features to the Wp Pro Quiz as well as fixed the Wp Pro Quiz CSRF security issues.

Excel to Wp Pro Quiz Question Upload addon is one of the newly added features for the Wp Pro Quiz plugin.  This means now users can save their time and can upload questions with the following fields.

  • Title
  • Question Data*
  • Explanation (Message with correct and Incorrect answers)
  • Hint
  • Correct Answer*
  • Options

*fields are required

We have added a feature in our Wp Pro Quiz Advanced to Bulk to assign the category, points, and negative points to the uploaded questions. This means now you can upload all fields of the questions from a single MS Excel file.

Which question type it will support?

Excel to Wp Pro Quiz Question Upload addon will support the single choice, multiple-choice, free choice, cloze type, sorting type, matrix sorting type.

How to Upload Bulk Question From Excel to Wp Pro Quiz?

Follow the steps below to upload bulk questions from Excel to Wp Pro Quiz easily

  1. Type the question in the given MS Excel file format. Download Format
  2. While creating the file make sure you have followed the pattern correctly.
  3. Save the file like Excel or CSV.
  4. Login to the Wp Admin of your site.
  5. From the Left menu click on the Upload Question link.
  6. Now Select the quiz from the drop-down.
  7. Select the file from your local.
  8. Click on Upload.
  9. Set the points, category and negative points using the bulk mark assign feature.

New Features that you will get:

  1. Bulk Question Upload Addon from MS Excel / CSV
  2. Negative Marking
  3. Fractional Marking
  4. Bulk Mark assing
  5. Clear Answer button
  6. Advanced Layout
  7. PHP 8 Support

For Indian Website – ₹2700.00(WP Pro Quiz Advanced) + ₹3000.00 (Excel Addon) + 1026 (GST)
Payment Mode– NEFT, UPI

Buy Now – 6726.00

All Other Countries- $50.00 (Wp Pro Quiz Advanced)+ $50 (Excel Addon)

Buy Now – $100.00


Is the license for Lifetime or Annual?

We provide a lifetime license for a single site. If you want a license for multiple sites please contact us.

Do you provide support, if I face any problems?

Yes, the first 1-year of support will be free.

Do I have to create multiple files for different types of questions?

No, that’s not a good idea to create a separate file for different types of questions. We have added a column “type” in the excel sheet. You can select the question type from there and can add the question data accordingly.

How many questions can I upload?

Well, we didn’t set any limits.

Can I upload multiple quizzes from this addon? 

No, this addon will upload only questions to a quiz. If you think you need an add-on to upload multiple quizzes with questions, then we can also develop it for you. Please contact us with your requirement.

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