Adding Maths equations to WordPress without any plugin is possible and it will also not render them as images. If you are running an educational website that primarily focused on the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or any other Engineering subject then it is very necessary to your website to support the inline equations (between your content line or anywhere).

Here you will get the easiest way to add the maths equations to WordPress without any plugin as well as not as the images by following the steps given below:

  1. Add the Given Line of the code to the header of your website:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""> 

2. Go to the

latex equation editor for wordpress
latex equation editor for wordpress

3. Make the equation that you want to insert in the latex form.

4. Now Scroll down and select the Latex from the drop-down menu and copy the equation code. latex equation for wordpress

5. Paste the equation code where you want to publish on your website.

Note: If you want to publish the equation as inline equation simply replace the \[ equation here \] to the \( equation here \).

This is the best way to show maths equations from the latex code. There are many other alternatives of showing the mathematical equations but we found this one is best among all. As it will directly render the equation from the latex. There are many plugins available that render the equations as image and too many images on your website can reduce the Google Page Speed Score.

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