Are you a Learndash user and want “Learndash bulk question upload from MS Word”? If you are here then the answer will definitely be, Yes. Well, LearnDash is a good LMS with lots of features but it lacks user-friendliness when it comes to adding questions.

Manually adding questions one by one is a really very hectic task for the website owners who run a medium to the large website that deals with multiple quiz publications on daily basis. As it consumes more time means it is costing you more and that’s on daily basis.

So we have developed a LearnDash addon that will help you to upload Questions in bulk to the quiz with a single click. We have also added options to set marks and categories to all the uploaded questions. Sounds pretty interesting?

How it will work?

Buy the Yuvayana LearnDash Word Upload Addon.

Install it on your website.

Type the questions in the given format. You can download the format from below

A. Single Choice Question Format – Download Now
B. Format for All type of Questions – Download Now

Create a quiz in LearnDash in which you want to upload the questions.

Goto the admin panel –> LearnDash Menu –> Upload Questions –> Select the quiz from the dropdown menu —> Select the Category –> Enter Points –> Select the file to upload —> Click Upload Question Button.

Step 1 – Navigate to Upload Question Page. 

Learndash upload questions menu

Learndash bulk question upload screen

Step 2 – Select Quiz from the Dropdown

Learndash upload questions seelct a quiz

Step 3 – Select Category from the DropDown

Learndash upload questions seelct a category

Step 4 – Set Points and Select File

upload bulk question to Learndash

Step 5 – Click on Upload button

MS Word bulk upload Learndash

That’s it, your questions will get uploaded and these will also be get assigned to the selected quiz. You can also check these questions from the Question bank of LearnDash.

Buy with RazorPay – ₹4130 Buy with RazorPay-$56  Buy with PayPal – $60


 Will I get support?

Yes, we provide 12 months of free support with the add-on.

Will I get future updates?

Yes, you will get future updates.

Can I upload mathematical equations from MS Word?

You have to create the latex equations to upload them from MS Word file. We have a tutorial on How to add mathematical equations in WordPress.

Can I upload images in the question?

Yes, you can upload the images also. Keep the image size, smaller and paste it on the file where you want to add it.

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