Wp Pro Quiz bulk question upload from MS Word Template

Wp Pro Quiz MS Word Import Addon
Wp Pro Quiz MS Word Import Addon

Wp Pro Quiz bulk question upload from MS Word addon is now possible. Team Yuvayana has developed this very useful addon for wp pro quiz that is going to save your tons of hours. We got many queries regarding the Wp Pro Quiz bulk question upload from MS Word from many users. That’s why Team Yuvayana worked on it and successfully achieved it.

We have covered all types of questions that are in the Wp Pro Quiz so that you can easily make files of your questions and can easily proofread them before uploading them on the server.

Why MS Word Templates are Good over Excel?

Managing an Excel sheet is a bit difficult for all people as compared to MS Word. You can easily check and verify all your content of MS Word as well as can make a multiline content as per the need. But the same thing is slightly difficult in MS Excel.

When we talk about the Latex or mathematical equations it becomes messier in the MS Excel as compare to the MS Word.

You can also make the PDFs easily or can also get prints of your tests if these are designed on the MS Word.

There are many other benefits also that you can tell us in the comment.

How can I upload bulk question?

  • Type the question in the given format.

A. Single Choice Question Format – Download Now
B. Format for All type of Questions – Download Now

  • Create a quiz in which you want to upload the questions.
  • Goto the admin panel –> Upload Questions –> Select the quiz from dropdown menu —> Select the file to upload —> Click Upload Question Button.
    Wp Pro Quiz bulk question Upload
    Wp Pro Quiz bulk question Upload

    Wp Pro Quiz bulk question Upload-2
    Wp Pro Quiz bulk question Upload-2
  • Now you will be redirected to the questions page and your all questions will be there.
Assign bulk marks to the wp pro quiz
Assign bulk marks to the wp pro quiz
  • Now Assign the category and marks for these questions from our bulk action drop-down menu given in the top left.
  • Use the feature of Assign “Category and Marks”.
bulk marks assign
bulk marks assign

This addon will be going to save your hours daily and you can now give more time to your content and promotion.


Is there any Live Demo?

Yes, you can check all the new features of Wp Pro Quiz from the detail provided below:


Username: demo
Password: demo@123

What is the price for this module?

$50.00 For Existing User of Wp Pro Quiz Advanced.
$90.00 For new users. ($50.00 For MS Word Addon + $40.00 For Wp Pro Quiz Customisation to Advanced version)

Will I get support if I face any problem?

Yes, we will provide you with the complete support related to the Wp Pro Quiz free of cost. If the problem is not related to the Wp Pro Quiz then we will also provide you with the support but that will be chargeable.

Will I get future updates?

Yes, if we update this addon then we will provide you with the updates free of cost.

Cost of this plugin is recurring or one time?

This cost is one time and you don’t have to pay anything in future.

I want to use it for multiple websites.

If you want the customization or our addon for multiple websites you will get Flat 50% off from 2nd purchase.

What Features I will get in Wp Pro Quiz Advanced?

You will get the following features in Wp Pro Quiz Advanced –

  1. Negative Marking for Wrong Answers.
  2. Fractional Marking
  3. Clear Answer Button
  4. Advanced Layout
  5. Bulk Mark Assign features
  6. Maths Support

What is the Payment Method?

Cost of Customization for the Result Saving:

For Indian Website – NEFT, UPI

All Other Countries– PayPal

I have more requirements, Will you also do them?

Yes, you can hire us and we will work according to your requirements related to WordPress, SEO, SMO, Website Optimization, eCommerce development, ERP development, or any other service related to Web Development.

Fill the form below or Write Us at info@yuvayana.org or call us or WhatsApp Us at +91-8755077650.