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If you are searching for best WordPress quiz plugin for online examination with negative marking, result analysis, question upload from MS word, time limit etc. then your search will complete here. Here we are going to discuss about the best WordPress quiz plugin that can be used for competitive exams like Bank, SSC, Railway, Driving test, school quiz, assement or for any other online examination.

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When you plan for a quiz website, you need to think about,

  • is plugin fulfilling your requirements or not
  • is plugin easy to use or not
  • when you expand or extend your website will it work perfectly or not
  • when you install on your website will your audience like it or not etc.

So as per our research and after trying many quiz plugins by us as well as our hundreds of clients we got that Wp Pro Quiz is still best WordPress plugin for online examination. This plugin has been downloaded more than 200000 times from WordPress. It is a feature rich powerful plugin with 4 modes of the examination or question representation in front end (Normal Mode, Normal + Back, Check and Continue, Question Below each Other).

wp pro quiz panel
wp pro quiz panel

Wp Pro Quiz have 7 question type -> single choice, Multiple Choice, Free Choice, Sorting Choice, Matrix sorting Choice, Cloze and Assessment.

Basic version of Wp Pro Quiz supports the quiz timing in seconds that means you can enter a time limit for the quiz and after that quiz will automatically submitted.

Apart from this a variety of options are available to display or hide result, marks, leaderboard, message with correct answer, message with incorrect answer etc.

You can also allow only registered users to attempt a quiz if you want. You can also set to attempt the quiz only once by a user.

Wp Pro Quiz also have a powerful email notification feature, with that you can send email after completion of a quiz to admin or student or both.

All features of Wp Pro Quiz:

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • “Sorting” Choice
  • “Free” Choice
  • “Matrix Sorting” Choice
  • Cloze function
  • Assessment
  • Time limit
  • Random Answer
  • Random Question
  • HTML in questions and answers is allowed
  • Multimedia in questions
  • Back-Button
  • Correct / incorrect response message for all questions
  • Different valency for every question
  • Different points for each answer
  • Result text with gradations
  • Preview-function
  • Statistics
  • Leaderboard
  • Quiz requirements
  • Hints
  • Custom fields
  • Import / Export function
  • E-mail notification
  • Category support
  • Quiz-summary
  • Many configuration options
  • Really nice standard design
  • Mighty
  • Fully compatible with cache plugins (e.g. WP-Super-Cache or W3 Total Cache)

New Features added by Us:

We are using Wp Pro Quiz on our website since 2013. Many of our clients are using this plugin way before that. This is a really powerful plugin but author stopped the development and on June 17, 2020 WordPress removed the plugin from the “wordpress plugin repository” because of a “security reason”.

But as we are using it on our website, So we have started the development of new features for Wp Pro Quiz for our use as well as based on the request of existing users. Till now we have added the following useful features that made the Wp Pro Quiz more advanced:

  • Negative Marking
  • Fractional Marking
  • Clear Answer
  • Advanced Layout
  • Per Question Time
  • Bulk marks Assign
  • Student Dashboard
  • Question Upload from MS Word
  • Email Answer sheet to Student and Admin
  • Pre requisite with minimum % (user must have to finish previous quiz with minimum x % to attempt next quiz.)

Apart from these we have also added many features and customizations as per the request.

So we can say this will be the best WordPress Quiz Plugin for examination.

You can also check live demo setup by us with all new features from:

Username: demo
Password: demo@123

Download Wp Pro Quiz v 0.37 Free   Contact us for New Features

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