Yuvayana is an Edutech company that is specialized in the Custom EduTech Platform design and development for schools, colleges, coachings, and training institutes to provide eLearning classes, Online Quizzing, Practice tests, Assessments, Attendance, etc.

Apart from this in the eLearning industry, there is always a need to digitize the process for example

A Training institute needs a system to track the performance of its learners by conducting surveys, online assessments, quizzes, or exams.

A coaching institute needs a platform to conduct online classes or recorded videos, online assessments, quizzes, exams, etc.

An Apprenticeship agency needs an Apprenticeship management system to track their learner and coaches.

An Individual coach needs a Learning Management System for the students who he/she teaches or to get more students online.

Startups and Companies need a platform as per their ideas to revolutionize the industry.

This means there is a big list of the different type of needs of EduTech platforms that depends upon the idea.  A few need it for the particular subjects or particular design of the front end, particular type of examination panel according to the competitive exams or training exams for that they are making their website, multi-lingual support, etc.

When do you need the Custom EduTech Platform:

  • When your idea is unique and no ready-made EduTech Platform like Wp Pro Quiz Advanced can fulfill that need.
  • You don’t want to use any SaaS platform because you want to store your precious data on your hosting/server,
  • When you don’t want the recurring costs with fewer features.
  • When you are not getting proper support from your previous platform provider.

At that time we suggest, switching to the Custom EduTech Platform. Because your clients may not get away from you just because of the essential feature that is required for the system.

Why Yuvayana for a Custom EduTech Platform?

To develop an EduTech platform there is a need for years of experience and expertise. We at Yuvayana are running our EduTech Platform since 2013 as well as developing many custom EduTech Platforms for our clients based on their needs.

We at Yuvayana are not only the developers just filled with coding minds but we are a team of well-experienced Coders, Educators, and Thinkers. We think as a user before starting a platform, so that we can provide a better understanding of the idea to our clients. Before starting a project we discuss each and everything in detail with our clients so that we can suggest to them what is essential for them at that point or which part they can add later. Because when you are a startup or individual that initial cost matters a lot. So we also suggest better ways to achieve the required features in a more economical way.

We always help our clients to choose the technology on that they can run their Edutech Platform conveniently. We always keep spaces in the code so that one can get new features in the future or can add new modules.

We never give quotes with hidden costs or false promises or the wrong Estimated Time of Completion. We always take care that when we start any project, we deliver it on time after completing the testing.

We never charge extra when a client found a technical bug to solve. Because we consider that our duty.

After-sales support of Yuvayana is 5 Star. Our clients love us because we never left them alone in the toughest time.

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You can discuss your required EduTech Platform with us at +91-8755077650 via Call/WhatsApp or email at info@yuvayana.org.

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